Recurrent Training

Recurrent training includes theoretical and practical instruction, covering the actions assigned to each crew member in normal and emergency procedures and drills relevant to the type(s) and/or variant(s) of aircraft on which they operate. The course includes:

Aircraft type specific training and Operator specific training:

  • Actions for normal and emergency procedures and drills relevant to each aircraft type
  • Exit touch drills for normal and emergency exits for passenger evacuation
  • Location and handling of all safety and emergency equipment
  • Donning of lifejacket, portable oxygen and PBE
  • Stowage of articles
  • Surface contamination awareness
  • Emergency and evacuation procedures
  • Incident and accident review
  • CRM overview – 3 yearly cycle
  • Aeromedical aspects and first aid
  • Security and Dangerous Goods procedures
  • Certificates on completion of course and written/multi-choice examination

Duration: 3 days

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